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Huayu Power

Weifang Huayu Power Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional high-tech enterprise integrating diesel engine R & D, manufacturing and sales. The company's leading products are Isuzu, Yanmar, Ricardo diesel engines and diesel generator sets, with power coverage ranging from 10kW to 288kw. The company is determined to take the development road of scientific and technological innovation and provide customers with cost-effective products. The company follows a professional and dedicated policy, pays attention to output and strives to achieve our goals. Our products have been exported to more than 20 countries and enjoy a good reputation.


Huayu advantage

For the development of enterprises, science and technology should take the lead. The development of enterprises is inseparable from the hard work of all scientific and technological personnel. Therefore, a series of preferential policies have been formulated for engineering and technical personnel to mobilize the enthusiasm of scientific researchers. We took the lead in implementing the preferential distribution among the technical team, opened the income gap with ordinary employees, and gave heavy awards to major innovation projects for the development of enterprises. The increase of income maintained the basic stability of the scientific and technological team. At the same time, enterprises try their best to help them solve the specific difficulties in life and learning, encourage them to constantly update their knowledge, strengthen learning, establish a work style of hard research and excellence, and strive to innovate and innovate again.
In terms of industry university research cooperation, the company has established a market-oriented industry university research cooperation mode with enterprises as the main body and scientific research institutions and universities as the technical support. Through diversified talent introduction and training, the company has continuously improved its product R & D level and R & D strength.



Passion is the source of creating performance at work. Passion is the recipe to dominate the fate in a crisis. No one or any team can lack passion. Our company has a strong team and excellent team quality: we should build a creative labor group with "high realm, big mind, culture and rehabilitation", introduce and cultivate high-end talents through various ways and methods such as improving the incentive mechanism, build a small highland with a large number of talents, and realize the internationalization of talents and teams. I believe that with your efforts, our company will go further and higher.


Human resources


Enterprise development depends on the growth of employees

Employment principle

Virtue and talent, promotion and reuse
Virtue without talent, cultivate and use
Without virtue and talent, use is restricted
No virtue, no talent, no retention

People oriented. It consists of two foundations and two guarantees. One of the humanistic foundations is embodied by the employment of "respect, love, play and development"; The second part of the humanistic foundation is embodied through the education of "providing opportunities for the development of each post and creating conditions for the climbing of each class". One of the people-oriented guarantees is reflected by the strict requirements and resolute implementation of the cross style of "democracy, openness, tenacity, dedication and restraint" of cadres; The second guarantee of humanism is embodied through the strict requirements and resolute implementation of the "six basic skills" of cadres.
Fight for the first place. It consists of four essentials and one dialectic. First, it is stronger than practice and opposes empty talk; Second, be stronger than difficulties and win tenaciously; Third, it is stronger than the effect to ensure the connection; Fourth, be stronger than yourself and surpass yourself. A dialectic is that we must distinguish the strong of the strong from the vanity and self-esteem of the weak.



Program: Science and technology drive progress and development achieve the future
Purpose: we are only qualified suppliers of diesel engines and diesel generator sets
Concept: enterprise development depends on employees and the enterprise grows together
Foundation: quality is a solid foundation
Vision: to be a world famous enterprise



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