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Fault treatment measures for non full phase operation of generator
Fault treatment measures for non full phase operation of generator

a. Switch AVR to manual operation immediately.
b. If one or two phases of the main circuit of the generator transformer unit are tripped by mistake, resulting in the non full phase operation of the generator, the active and reactive power of the generator shall be reduced immediately to the state of two non transmission, and the load current shall be limited within the allowable range.
c. Do not close the main steam valve of the steam turbine and disconnect the de excitation switch before disconnecting the main switch of the development motor.
d. The generator shutdown and overload protection shall be handled as an asymmetric tripping accident.
When the main switch of E. is connected and disconnected, the generator should be rapidly reduced to two without sending the state. The main switch of the transformer unit should be broken. If the main switch can not be disconnected in three phases, it should be reported promptly to the operation of the intermediate switch and the parent switch, so that the generator and the system can be disconnected.
f. After the generator is impacted by negative sequence current, its i2t is greater than the allowable value through analysis and calculation, and the rotor shall be pulled out for detailed inspection.


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