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Precautions and methods for replacement of generator carbon brush when it is hot and red
Precautions and methods for replacement of generator carbon brush when it is hot and red

The carbon brush is generally used on the DC motor to cooperate with the inverter to realize phase commutation, turn the DC into "AC" and drive the DC motor to rotate. Now brushless DC motor is more and more widely used. It uses thyristor circuit to replace brush to realize commutation, which can realize high speed, large capacity and low noise. Some AC motors also use carbon brushes and conductive rings. For example, its rotor has windings. How to provide current to the rotating rotor? Carbon brush with conductive ring can be realized.
When the operator does not immediately deal with the situation that may cause ring fire, such as serious ignition, breakage, heating and redness of the brush braid of the generator, the operator shall replace it immediately. During replacement, pay attention to the following matters and methods:
1. The replacement must be carried out by two persons and the main duty officer in person.
2. During replacement, the staff shall wear work clothes, fasten the cuffs and stand on the insulating pad. It is forbidden to wear short sleeved shirts or roll up the sleeves. The female workers shall draw long hair into the hat.
3. It is forbidden to touch two poles or one pole and the grounding part at the same time, and two people are not allowed to work at the same time.
4. Lift the pre replaced carbon brush out of the brush holder and hold it in your hand, then unscrew the brush braid screw and remove the carbon brush.
5. Hold the ground carbon brush in your hand, tighten the brush braid screw, and then press the carbon brush into the brush holder with a constant voltage device.
6. Generally, only 1-2 carbon brushes are allowed to be replaced for each brush holder at the same time. The replaced carbon brushes shall be ground in advance, and the models of new and old carbon brushes must be the same.
7. Detailed records shall be made after replacement.


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