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Too much oil will do great harm to the diesel generator set
Too much oil will do great harm to the diesel generator set

In the process of actually using diesel generator set, users have a lot of nonstandard operations. These non-standard operations do great harm to the generator set
1. It is easy to leak at the front and rear ends of the crankshaft, increasing oil consumption, polluting the environment and increasing the difficulty of maintenance.
2. When the diesel generator set is working, the oil will foam and deteriorate due to the stirring of the crankshaft, which will increase the rotation resistance of the crankshaft. In addition, the excessive oil level will also impede the movement of the connecting rod, thus reducing the efficiency of the unit.
3. As the oil flows up to the combustion chamber, the combustion increases and the oil consumption increases. After the engine oil burns, it is easy to form carbon deposits at the piston ring, valve seat at the top of the piston and fuel injection nozzle, resulting in seizure of the piston ring, blockage of fuel injection nozzle and other faults.
4. Too high oil level is easy to produce oil and gas under the agitation of connecting rod big end. It will catch fire and burn in case of high temperature, causing the explosion of crankcase.


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